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HARROWIN' ADDICT: An avid fan of Richard Harrow/Jack Huston and Boardwalk Empire. Old enough to know better, but young enough not to care.

A joint project with fellow Tent City volunteer Christopher Neff (aka “DJ Mindless”) - reminding everyone that home is much more than just a roof over one’s head, and that we must be “The Voice” for those who have none. Thank you for listening!

This track is dedicated to the cause of helping the homeless not be homeless for long! God is with you all and may a home be present for all of you very soon!
Vocals and original material : Lisa Ferrara
Produced and arranged by DJ Mindless

"…and I can’t recall who I was before"

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Twists and Turns

Well, hello Tumblr friends. It’s been a while, I know. Awaiting BE S5, even sans Richard. Tons of shit has happened. Life as I know it has changed, definitely for the better. I’m thinking about starting another tumblr centered on social justice issues, especially as I’m in somewhat of a transitional period as one phase ends and another begins.

If it sounds like I’m babbling, it’s all right here

Missing y’all


    I commented about Boardwalk Empire on tvtag

“Well, hello again… :-)”

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Michael Pitt joins ‘Hannibal’ in major role — EXCLUSIVE |

I’ve been thinking of starting Hannibal…this just clinched my decision!


richard harrow is such a cutie I just want to pick him up and pat him oh my god

Another one bites the dust, ladies… ;-)

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I cannot believe how bad I feel for Richard Harrow. Every time I see him I just want to hold him and comfort him.

Ohhhhhhh honey…I know those feels…


Jack’s playing a psychopath on stage
Michael’s playing a psychopath on tv
Harrody lives on

I am so psyched for Michael on Hannibal…OMFG!!!!