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HARROWIN' ADDICT: An avid fan of Richard Harrow/Jack Huston and Boardwalk Empire. Old enough to know better, but young enough not to care.

"…and I can’t recall who I was before"

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Twists and Turns

Well, hello Tumblr friends. It’s been a while, I know. Awaiting BE S5, even sans Richard. Tons of shit has happened. Life as I know it has changed, definitely for the better. I’m thinking about starting another tumblr centered on social justice issues, especially as I’m in somewhat of a transitional period as one phase ends and another begins.

If it sounds like I’m babbling, it’s all right here

Missing y’all


    I commented about Boardwalk Empire on tvtag

“Well, hello again… :-)”

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Michael Pitt joins ‘Hannibal’ in major role — EXCLUSIVE |

I’ve been thinking of starting Hannibal…this just clinched my decision!


richard harrow is such a cutie I just want to pick him up and pat him oh my god

Another one bites the dust, ladies… ;-)

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I cannot believe how bad I feel for Richard Harrow. Every time I see him I just want to hold him and comfort him.

Ohhhhhhh honey…I know those feels…


Jack’s playing a psychopath on stage
Michael’s playing a psychopath on tv
Harrody lives on

I am so psyched for Michael on Hannibal…OMFG!!!!


i think about this a lot

Guess that explains why he’s mostly just voicing animated characters nowadays…

IDC - I still love him.

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